Viral Marketing Campaign – Finished Website Pages.



This is the first and main page of the website that I have completed. I have used this because I feel that people are going to pay more attention to things on the internet now because of the popularity of it and the way it has taken over. I have also done this because it is a way of people to explore the different elements of the website, and decide what it is they want to look at.

I feel this is one of the main bits of marketing that is going to get peoples attention because again, it is the place where everyone is going and the thing that everyone is using in this day and age, and it is the easiest and quickest way to access things. As the front page has combined using video and YouTube as well as a website because they could simply click the link to the video and watch it on the website without having to try and search for it themselves.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 09.24.39T
his is the page that is going to come up when I click on the wanted poster of Keller on the front page, it is going to give people a better poster that I have created myself and made a separate post about on my blog. I think this is another important element of the website because it is gong to give people more information on something in particular rather than just having one page to read and use, and it might give people a sense of following a trail when they are going from one page to another.

I think this is an important part of marketing again because of the interaction that is involved. Again it is going to make people involved and feel like they are going to have some sort of control over what they are doing and the journey that they are going to be following.