Task 1: Digital Communications Using Forums.

What is a forum?

An internet message board where people from all over the world can engage in digital conversations with anyone. Each forum will specialise in a different interests, and it depends on what you are a fan of and what you enjoy as to what forum you would become a member of. It is a part of web 2.0 because it is user generated, and social websites like this wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the demand from the audience, and the their creation on digital communications.

An example of a online forum is this music forum. Unsigned Band Web is a forum where people that have an interest in music and what is going on in the industry can talk about these topics with other people. In the forum there are a range of different discussions going on that are split into separate groups.

As you can see from this screen grab, all of the different threads that are posted are split into different parts of the music discussion. So there is going to be discussions on this forum about song reviews, and people giving their opinion on a song and then someone else might get involved with it to say if they agree/disagree with their opinion. Also people are using this forum as a way to get feedback on their own original music, which could be good because they might get more feedback on a forum like this that specialises in music than anywhere else.

When you go further into forums you find that people start to talk about different things. On the Kerrang forum, there was lots of different threads that were made, and there was lots of different things being talked about by different people all over the internet.


As you can see this is how people communicate with each other about different topics. This forum and every other forum will consist of someone going into the group link that they are interested in and getting involved in a conversation that is already made or try and  start their own conversation by starting a thread themselves.

What do you think people gain from using a forum as a mode of digital communication?

I think that people feel that they might be making friends with people and actually having their minds opened a bit to what other people think. As because of web 2.0 we have the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world, right in our living rooms. I think that their minds are being opened because they might be getting opinions from people that are different to their own, so they might see it from someone else’s point of view instead of just seeing only what they believe.


Also as they might not have friends that they talk to in person that likes the same things as they do, so if they go onto a forum like this then they are going to be able to have a conversation with people that like the same things as they do. Giving them a sense that they are part of a community of people that can all talk about different things concerning one main topic/band/sport, etc.

What discussions are going on in a forum I’m interested in?

I have talked about the discussions that are going on in my other post on forums in my next blog post. I have chosen to do the my german shepherd forum because I have recently got a new puppy, and I am going to have the responsibility of looking after her so I wanted to make sure that i knew everything about them as I have never owned a german shepherd before. Also my mum wanted me to join because there might be little things along the way that we don’t know and we might be able to find something about it on the forum or ask someone on there about anything that we might be worried about because the people on there have obviously owned in the past or still own this breed of dog so they are going to have the experience and knowledge when it comes to other people having problems.

Discussions happening on this forum are things like the following:

  • Dogs Health
  • Dog training information
  • Dog food advice and information
  • FAQ/New dog owner information and advice
  • Introduce yourself
  • Memoria; Tributes
  • Lost Dogs
  • Dog advice
  • Stuff for sale
  • Dogs looking for homes
  • Stop puppy farms

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