Task 3 – Marketing Campaign – Poster.

This is the poster that I made for my viral marketing campaign, this is the finished result of the idea that I came up with. I thought of the idea that Keller was on the run again and up to his old ways, so making a wanted poster would be interesting and fun to make. I think that this would be good because in some way it could become part of the alternate reality game that I could create for the viral campaign, and the people that were going to be getting involved  in the chase for Keller would see these posters all over the city.

I think that this would make the campaign more interesting and it is going to be an important key element to the whole of the campaign of the TV series and the characters that are in it – but are not always the centre of attention in the main series that we see on the screen.


Task 3: Progress


This is the almost finished design of the website for my White Collar idea. I expanded on the idea of Mozzie being kidnapped to, Keller again escaped prison and is on the run, and in the same time that this has happened Mozzie has disappeared so surely it is linked?

I am going to edit this before the submission date, but this is all the work that I have done today, because all of the work that I had done in the previous lesson was lost.

Task 3: Progress

15/11/12: I have started to work on the website for my campaign. I was struggling on what to do so this is why I haven’t made a huge progress, so I am going to work on some of this at home to make sure that I can make this as effective as I can.

Task 3: Viral Marketing Campaign – White Collar

The idea that I have come up with is a spin off from a TV series that originally aired in America, but is now being aired in the UK but does not have much advertising behind it, and it doesn’t have a marketing campaign, and I wanted to do something for the series.

The main character Neal Caffrey, a criminal that was released from prison from the FBI officer that caught him giving him a choice to stay in prison for another 4 years, or to come and be his CI for the FBI, and for four years he would have to wearing a tracking anklet so he can’t try to escape. I thought that an idea that I could use would be that one of Neal’s friends Mozzie, gets taken and he’s recruiting criminals in the specialities that he needs to aid him in finding his friend. So we could turn the marketing into a scavenger hunt that is a search for the missing friend and the people that are recruited by Neal are going to help uncover clues and the mysteries behind the disappearance.

I am going to make a poster that is in the style of the old fashion western wanted posters for the person that has taken Mozzie, because I feel that this will be effective and if a plan was to go ahead for a scavenger hunt then the people that are taking part would see these around the cities that they are in and it might encourage them to take part and get more involved with what is going on.

I think that the newspaper would be the same, one for the criminals and one for the FBI, but the topics would be things of interest to the two different groups of people. Again, this is going to be following the idea that was used for the Dark Knight. Trying to get people more interested in the TV series.

I am going to be using social media for some of the main characters in the series. Neal, Mozzie, Burke, maybe make them a little comical, because as we know criminals wouldn’t have a Twitter or a Facebook, but it might be a way of getting the audience interested and talking about it if they are communicating with one another on the social networking sites.

Finally, I think that it would be good to something like a scavenger hunt around various different cities where you have to follow the clues that the ‘criminals’ Caffrey and Mozzie are giving you, trying to keep under the radar from the FBI (Burke) and his followers that are trying to catch people out. They would be getting merchandise for all their hard work as to try and encourage them to watch the series.